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Champion Insights | Capture Management with Jennifer Namvar

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How long have you been working in Capture Management? Over 12 years

What most inspires you about your role in Capture Management?

Capture is like nothing else is GovCon. Capture is like going to the Super Bowl. It’s a long effort. It’s extremely challenging. It requires self-discipline and grit. The whole team has to pull their weight. It takes preparation, planning, strategy, execution, understanding the customer and competition, calling audibles in real-time when conditions change… After all that, you win. Winning is a rush like no other. If you’re into THAT, capture is a great field to be in.

What most inspires you about the other Capture Management professionals you have come to know over the years?

I’m inspired by many of my peers in Capture Management. The ones that particularly stand out are those whose win opportunities are not a slam dunk. They win because they know their customers, have grit, and outsmart their competition. I respect their leadership, expertise, and dedication to their profession.

What tactics and strategies have you leveraged to be successful so far in your current role?

One big strategy I use is what I call the “capture mindset.” I use it to manage my mind and stay focused. This mindset keeps me mindful of the 11 key factors that drive p-win. Another key tactic I use is daily journaling. I track my annual, quarterly, weekly, and daily goals and map them to the “Big 3” things I need to accomplish each day. This helps me stay accountable.

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Capture Management in today’s market?

This view will be unpopular, but here goes. Good capture is even more vital than good program performance. If companies didn’t need to compete to capture business, they wouldn’t strive to continuously improve or innovate; they wouldn’t need to focus on improving the customer experience or customer relationship; and they wouldn’t need to become more efficient to reduce costs. In other words, they’d become complacent. So, good program performance is unsustainable without capture. That’s why capture is the most important business function in my view.

What advice do you have for your peers in similar roles around the world? Share your knowledge.

Jennifer Namvar is Director of Capture Operations & Excellence at Leidos. You can check out more of her expert insights at