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The Importance of Quantifying Fit During Sales Qualification

Why Your Sales Qualification Framework Needs to Quantify Fit

When you go to the gas station, you’re looking to fuel up your car and get back on the road. A fuel’s octane rating makes it easy to figure out which gasoline you should put in your car to operate your vehicle efficiently. Although the methodology for determining octane rating is complex and detailed, to the end-user, what matters is the ability to quickly get the right information and make a decision that will enable them to keep moving forward.

The same is true for qualification. 

Similar to consumers assessing fuel quality through a simple, condensed metric, when the rubber hits the road, people want a quick, simple, and impactful method to qualify their opportunities, decide where the opportunity fits in their pipeline, and what their next best steps are to move the opportunity forward.

This desire for quick, simple, and impactful qualification underlies the power of quantifying opportunity fit.

Opportunity Fit Scores — The New Metric Redefining Sales Qualification

With the help of modern revenue intelligence technology, every company now has the ability to digitize its qualification process, resulting in quantified scores for every opportunity. These scores summarize how strong the opportunity is not only in terms of winnability but also in terms of profitability and serviceability in a quick, easy-to-understand fashion.

The resulting metric is called an Opportunity Fit Score. The most advanced version of Opportunity Fit Scores inputs automated opportunity-level data like company demographics, deal fundamentals, and CRM activity to output a quantified metric of fit. 

With a quantified Opportunity Fit Score, companies can easily compare the value of their opportunities, make more-informed go/no-go decisions, maintain more accurate pipelines, put together more precise forecasts, determine more effective steps to intervene in ongoing deals, and so much more. 

Like a fuel octane rating helps drivers, an Opportunity Fit Score enables salespeople to make quick, informed decisions to keep their deals moving forward. 

An image of fuel octane ratings on a gas pump represents the way opportunity fit scores help drive the sales engine.

Opportunity fit scores help salespeople understand the quality of fuel in their engine.

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