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6 Reasons to Upgrade to Patri RFx Score Pro

The Benefits of Patri RFx Score Pro

Patri RFx Score brings the power of data to bid and proposal qualification. With three assessments in the first month and one every month thereafter, Patri RFx Score Free enables users to analyze their most complex opportunities and make informed, data-backed go/no-go decisions. 

Users report that RFx Score helps them decrease wasted time spent on low-probability proposals, improve their win rate, and capture more revenue. While the RFx Score Free account offers plenty of firepower, many users soon find themselves wanting to route their entire proposal qualification and go/no-go decision process through Patri’s powerful software. Patri RFx Score enables users to do just that. 

With a Patri RFx Score Pro account, users gain access to a powerful suite of features, including the ability to review unlimited opportunities, invite, manage, and provision users, configure custom notifications, and integrate with Salesforce for a more seamless experience.

Below are a few of the many features you’ll gain access to when you upgrade to Patri RFx Score Pro:

1. Unlimited Opportunities

Never pursue another poor-fit proposal opportunity again. 

Patri RFx Score offers unlimited scoring assessments, so you can vet every incoming proposal opportunity and make intelligent data-backed pursuit decisions. 

2. Edit Opportunities & Track Progress Over Time

Don’t wait until the RFx is issued to identify weaknesses in an opportunity.

With RFx Score, users can analyze an opportunity’s strength at any stage of the opportunity’s lifecycle, updating and editing the assessment to receive a new, refined score as the opportunity develops. 

This feature is particularly helpful for identifying weaknesses in an ongoing opportunity, determining actions to improve your fit score, and executing those actions to improve your propensity to win. 

Leverage RFx Score to proactively intervene in ongoing deals to boost your win rate and capture more revenue. 

A user analyzes the fit of a proposal opportunity with Patri RFx Score

A user analyzes the fit of a proposal opportunity with Patri RFx Score

3. Invite, Manage, and Provision Users

Freemium accounts enable individual users to take assessments, receive fit scores, and share their scores via email. 

RFx Score enables organizations to create structured Patri instances where they can manage their entire RFx pipeline in one platform. With accounts structured at a company level, designated RFx Score administrators can invite, provision, and manage users. 

RFx Score ensures that everyone within an organization has the access they need to complete assessments, review and edit opportunity fit scores, and provide input for go/no-go decisions. 

4. SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Help your IT team rest easy by utilizing RFx Score’s SSO capabilities.

SSO enables users to quickly and securely log into Patri so they can spend their time receiving insights about their proposal opportunities instead of trying to remember their password.

5. Salesforce Integration – See Your Opportunity Fit Scores in Salesforce

Most organizations run their entire sales operations through Salesforce. Salespeople log their activities, contacts, and deals in Salesforce. Sales Managers utilize Salesforce to report on their team’s data.

Patri designed its product to meet teams where they’re at with a product that seamlessly integrates with the world’s most frequently used CRM. 

With RFx Score, your Patri and Salesforce data will effortlessly sync. Patri will pull in new opportunities you create in Salesforce so you can analyze them in Patri. And when you generate an Opportunity Fit Score in Patri, it will automatically be transferred to the opportunity in Salesforce.

RFx Score’s Salesforce Integration allows you to access and report on Patri data directly in your Salesforce instance.  

6. Receive Notifications for Actions Taken in Patri

With robust notification capabilities enabled by webhooks, RFx Score ensures users can quickly receive the information they need when changes occur within the platform. 

Users can track score changes, account updates, account creation, opportunity creation, opportunity edits, and user creation. 

With Patri RFx Score’s notification capabilities, users will never miss important updates about their ongoing opportunities. 

Upgrade Now!

Patri RFx Score Free is a great way to understand the relative strength of a few select opportunities and to leverage data to support difficult go/no-go decisions. 

But the pro version unlocks the full potential of the Patri Platform, enabling your entire organization to route all of its proposal qualification through Patri’s powerful, data-backed software. 

Users report the following benefits:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Higher Win Rates
  • More Time for High-Quality Work
  • Improved Company Morale
  • Reduced Stress
  • Elevated Roles in Strategic Decisions
  • Fewer Late Nights and Weekends on Poor-Fit Proposals

Help your company win smarter by upgrading to a Patri RFx Score account today.

Ready to upgrade? Visit our pricing page for more information on pricing and plan options. Or to see a more in-depth tour of Patri RFx Score and the full suite of benefits it offers, sign up for a demo today.

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