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Champion Insights | Bids and Proposals with Nina Peeters

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How long have you been working in Bids and Proposals? 2 years

What most inspires you about your role in Bids and Proposals?

Being able to find creative solutions to win a proposal together with all internal and external stakeholders. The dynamic environment, cooperation, and creative work make it most rewarding.

What most inspires you about the other professionals you have encountered in Bids and Proposals?

One of the first things my manager said when starting this job was that everyone working in bids and proposals has to be a little bit crazy. I think he was right :). Besides, the passion and willingness to go the extra mile are what always strike me with both colleagues and other bid and proposal professionals. There is also a very strong connection amongst fellow professionals you immediately feel at conferences and training events. I think this is because it’s still a bit of a niche segment compared to sales for example and being able to share stories, best practices, and sometimes frustrations with people who really understand you is very valuable.

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What tactics and strategies have you leveraged to be successful so far in your current role?

Continue to learn and adapt to new situations and challenges. It’s not only important to have technical skills like project management, analytical skills, or creativity but also to have the right emotional intelligence to work with a big team of stakeholders in a high-pressure environment.

What is something you wish others understood about the importance of Bids and Proposals in today’s market?

I think the current unprecedented situation the world is facing, trying to fight and live with a global pandemic, will only increase the pressure on organisations and procurement teams to spend their money wisely. Hence also the importance of bid and proposal management to, more than ever, come up with compelling proposals to meet ongoing and emerging needs.

What advice do you have for your peers in similar roles around the world?

Your physical and emotional wellbeing is more important than any proposal that will ever land upon your desk.

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