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Introducing Patri RFx Score Free

Now Available: Patri RFx Score Free

Unsure about an incoming RFx opportunity? Patri has you covered – for free.

With the launch of Patri RFx Score Free, we are now bringing the power of data-backed proposal qualification to Proposal and Capture professionals everywhere.

What is it Patri RFx Score Free?

Patri RFx Score Free enables users to analyze their most complex incoming opportunities and make informed, data-backed go/no-go decisions just like Patri RFx Score Pro. Free users can expect the following:

  • 3 free opportunity qualifications to start, then 1 free opportunity qualification per month thereafter
  • Calculate the fit score for your incoming opportunities
  • Calculate the cost of responding to incoming opportunities
  • Strength and weakness insights along with next step recommendations
  • Access to Patri’s Win Smarter community of go-to-market professionals
  • Formalize qualification for the most costly-to-pursue proposals

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Now you can qualify in or out based on data.

If a large proposal you have your eyes on is giving you goosebumps, sign up for Patri RFx Score Free now to see if it really is a good fit for your company. 

Start qualifying like you mean it. 

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