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Introducing RevFit AI, Revenue Intelligence Software Powered By Patri

Revenue Intelligence to Discover and Apply Your Ideal Customer Profile

Sellers: Finally, an ICP that is true and works for you.

Today is the day that go-to-market professionals can utilize AI-powered technology to discover, refine, monitor, and apply one of the most important pieces of data to your sales pipeline: the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

Today is the launch of RevFit AI.

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What is RevFit AI?

RevFit AI is the first revenue intelligence software solution that uses machine learning to surface and monitor your ICP(s) and then uses that data as a lens to prioritize your deals, monitor pipeline health, refine forecasting, and win smarter in a world of limited resources. 

At its core, it is a software platform that shows your ICP data, then calculates the extent to which every deal in your pipeline fits your ICP. In addition, the RevFit AI platform calculates the propensity to win, predicted close date, predicted close amount, and the deal velocity of each opportunity it evaluates. All of this is done quickly and automatically using all available and prescribed CRM data. All of this will help modern GTM teams win more and waste less.

Users will be able to do the following:

  • Prioritize and qualify sales opportunities efficiently and effectively.
  • Increase their win rate through better qualification.
  • Increase their sales velocity.
  • De-risk their quarter and improve forecasting.
  • Waste less time pursuing poor fit opportunities.
  • See unique AI-generated pipeline insights created with your ICP fit data and a trained instance of ChatGPT

The most exciting part? At the individual level, RevFit AI is free. Sales ICs and sales managers who hold their own quota can connect RevFit AI to their CRM, calculate their ICP, and then apply that lens to their pipeline today for free. Users can even update key fields and stages of their opportunities within the CRM from our platform and easily share progress with their team and managers.

*Note: RevFit AI is currently only available for Salesforce users.

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Why is RevFit AI needed?

Understanding and focusing selling resources on the ICP seems like a no-brainer, but it has always been hard to make a reality. Classically, ICP discovery is a marketing-lead exercise that is very expensive, time-consuming, somewhat data-backed and is only a point-in-time look at the current ICP. Once an ICP (or a few) has been agreed upon, it’s foisted on the Sales team and can come off as limiting, creating organizational friction that distracts from what is important – effective prioritization. 

We at Patri have been on both sides of this exercise, and we realize that while both parties have their hearts in the right place, instilling an effective ICP focus across the GTM organization doesn’t always work and can drive a wedge between sales and marketing. That shouldn’t be the case, and that’s why we created RevFit AI.  

RevFit AI helps you nail your ICP and bring that intelligence to every deal and every seller to empower people to win smarter by knowing what they should pursue.

Who is RevFit AI for?

Sales Leaders

Know that your team is pursuing the right deals. Understand the health and ICP fit of every deal in the pipeline to focus your team, sell more effectively, identify risk, improve forecasting, and hit your numbers consistently.

Revenue Ops

A no-code instant ICP generator. Discover, rediscover, and monitor your ideal customer profiles automatically, all while keeping opportunities aligned with them for increased profitability and more accurate forecasting in a challenging sales environment.

Sales ICs

Find the winners and losers in your pipeline to see what deals can make or break your quarter. AI insights, predictive analytics, and opportunity fit data are the secret sauce to help you nail quota quarter after quarter.


Want to see what your ICP is? Want to monitor that to see how it may change over time? Want to see what deals in the pipeline actually fit within your ICP? Check out RevFit AI for yourself to see.

What now?

Try RevFit AI for free or speak to a product expert if you want to learn more.

With instant AI-powered revenue intelligence for every team and every opportunity, you can identify the deals and actions that will make or break your quarter, refine your forecast, and focus resources solely on what will help you win.

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