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Nothing is more important and cost-effective than finding and focusing only on the best-fit opportunities. See how Patri helps below.

Patri for Capture Leaders

Identify the right opportunities quickly and drive alignment on your capture methodology.

1. Qualify

Qualify opportunities at scale using machine learning and custom criteria for your company.

2. Quantify

Quantify an opportunity’s fit for your company by calculating the cost of pursuit, likelihood of winning and ability to successfully service the contract.

3. Win

Increase win rates, decrease losses, maximize resource investments, reduce wasted time, and improve forecasting.

Patri is helping your colleagues win smarter

Calculate Opportunity Cost

Understand and quickly calculate the cost of responding to each pursuit you come across.

Find Red Flags Fast

Unearth, document, and identify any red flags throughout your incoming pipeline quickly and at scale.

Prioritize Time and Efforts

Know exactly where your team should focus their time and receive customized suggestions for best next steps on every new opportunity.

Increase Win Rates

Focus only on winnable opportunities by quickly qualifying out poor fits to increase win rates and revenue.

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June 28, 2022

On-Demand Patri RFx Score Demo

Watch our on-demand walk through of Patri's Opportunity Intelligence Platform. See how Patri's data-backed opportunity intelligence platform has helped top companies across multiple countries save over $34 million, while saving over 35,000 hours across...

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June 16, 2022

Webinar: How OpenGov Turned Around their RFP Program With Effective Qualification

Hear how OpenGov, a leader in the GovTech industry, improved proposal qualification to drive massive results.

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Resources for Capture Leaders

Thumbnail How to Sell Proposal Qualification

How to Sell Proposal Qualification To Your Executive

Intelligent qualification for bids and proposals wins more business, reduces team tension, and increases efficiency. Learn how to talk to your executives about enhancing your qualification today.

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Capture eBook Thumbnail

How to Implement an Intelligent Capture Management Methodology

Don't let your capture methodology go stale while teams go rogue. A useful and used capture methodology is essential.

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October 18, 2022

Sales Qualification 101

Sales Qualification is the dynamic process by which companies determine whether they should pursue an opportunity. Learn more here.

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