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Unleashing the Three-Headed Monster (Biz Dev, Sales, Proposals)

How a Seamless Business Development – Sales – Proposals Partnership Fuels Grown

This guide to aligning the Business Development, Sales, and Proposal Management functions will help you improve your win percentage, reduce stress, and capture more revenue. 

Experiencing tension between your Business Development, Sales, and Proposal Management functions? It doesn’t have to be this way.

By understanding the goals and objectives of each team and how to successfully coordinate handoff, your company can break down tensions, improve collaboration, and win more.

This eBook discusses the core strategies to foster collaboration between Business Development, Sales, and Proposals and improve team collaboration, optimize efficiency, and capture more revenue.

Download Unleashing the Three-Headed Monster: How a Seamless Business Development-Sales-Proposal Partnership Fuels Growth to learn:

  • How to Understand and Break Down Tensions Between Functions
  • How to Nail Handoff Between Functions
  • How to Build Toward the Optimal State of Collaboration