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The Seller’s Guide to a Healthy Pipeline

Want to learn how to make the most of your sales pipeline? This eBook helps Account Executives harness the power of their sales pipeline to manage ongoing deals, improve their propensity to win, and stop wasting time on low-probability opportunities.

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Moneyball for Sales and RevOps: The 7 Advanced Metrics to Manage Your Team to Success

This eBook shows you how to harness the power of advanced sales metrics and takes you through the 7 metrics that will drive your business forward

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eBook: The GTM Executive’s Guide to Opportunity Qualification

This eBook explores modern qualification and explains how to implement qualification frameworks to capture more revenue, and increase efficiency.

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eBook: Finding the Right Fit

Know how to identify and prioritize the most winnable and profitable sales opportunities. This eBook breaks down the the components to consider.

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How to Implement an Intelligent Capture Management Methodology

Don't let your capture methodology go stale while teams go rogue. A useful and used capture methodology is essential.

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Thumbnail How to Sell Proposal Qualification

How to Sell Proposal Qualification To Your Executive

Intelligent qualification for bids and proposals wins more business, reduces team tension, and increases efficiency. Learn how to talk to your executives about enhancing your qualification today.

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eBook: The GTM Executive’s Guide to Modern Qualification

Read the GTM, Sales, and Revenue Executive's guide to succeeding with modern proposal qualification. This eBook serves as a framework for how to think about the qualification of bids and proposals to win more business, reduce team tension, and optimize company efficiency.

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Proposals 101: How to Start and Win Proposals When you Don’t Know Where to Start

Learn how to start and win proposals from the ground up. For companies in complex industries, proposals, bids, and competitive solicitations are essential tools to capture revenue and promote growth. But they are also costly and time-consuming. Many...

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The Guide to Modern Proposal Management

This Guide to proposal management will help you better your proposal management and RFP process, use P Win, and follow best practices.

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