AI-Powered Revenue Intelligence for Sales ICs

Discover, refine, and monitor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with RevFit AI. Use your true ICP to prioritize your deals, monitor pipeline health, refine forecasting, and win smarter.

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Prioritize your deals.
Hit the number.

The secret? Quantify ICP fit with AI, and apply that lens to your pipeline.

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a powerful thing to understand. Knowing it and focusing your efforts is a high-performance seller’s secret, and RevFit AI makes it easy for you.

1. Find Your ICP

Don’t guess your ICP. RevFit AI uses machine learning that leverages your historical data to discover your true ICP, whether it be one or many.

2. Take Action

Use your ICP fit data to prioritize your pipeline, calculate propensity to win, predict close dates, and leverage Chat GPT-fueled AI pipeline insights.

3. Win Smarter

Increase win rates, identify personal or team pipeline risk, refine forecasting, monitor your ICP(s), and have more confidence in hitting the number.

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Get value in 3 steps:
RevFit AI Screenshot for Sales ICs
Discover your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and focus your efforts accordingly.

Patri offers unique AI-powered lens that discovers and refines your ideal customer profile (ICP) and evaluates the ICP fit of all deals in your pipeline.

AI-Powered Pipeline Insights

Patri gives you a custom-trained ChatGPT-powered assistant for unique pipeline insights across all deals. Understand how to approach each deal through this ICP-enabled lens so you can win smarter.

Enhance Forecast Confidence

See valuable predictions based on your ICP and the current state of all deals in your pipeline such as predicted quota attainment, propensity to win, predicted close date, ICP fit, predicted close amount, and more.

Asynchronous Pipeline Communication

Get clear pipeline progress and health checks along with real-time deal-by-deal communications. Easily shareable reporting opens the door for seamless, asynchronous check-ins with your entire team.

Pursue the right opportunities. 
Avoid the wrong ones.

$10b+  won

$34m+ saved

35k+ hrs saved

David Jones
OpenGov | Strategic Pursuits Manager

"I encourage you to check out Patri! It's done wonders for my decision-making process, helping me filter our poorly-qualified opportunities so my internal resources can focus on only those opportunities that are best fit to pursue."

Jay Dawkins
PublicInput | CEO

"Patri brings a wealth of experience in doing business in complex markets like the public sector, and can quickly connect the dots to bring clarity and focus to seemingly complex questions. The team is a delight to work with and we're thrilled to have their help in growing our business and impact."

Eric Cao
EcoInteractive | COO

"Through Patri, we've gained meaningful insights about sales opportunities and go-to-market strategies, allowing us to accelerate our revenue growth and productivity."

Larissa Cornelius
nFold | Owner and Chief Winning Strategist

"Patri has been instrumental in helping our clients determine the best opportunities to pursue and which ones to leave alone. Together, we have generated tremendous revenue gains for our clients, while helping them save a great deal of time and money in the process."

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