Focus your team on the right deals and actions.

Know that your team is pursuing the right deals. Understand the health and ICP fit of every deal in the pipeline to focus your team, sell more effectively, identify risk and hit your numbers consistently.

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Make today the day you find your true ICP, and focus your team accordingly.

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Patri for Sales Leaders and Executives

Find and monitor your true Ideal Customer Profile and focus your time and resources solely on the best opportunities for your company.

Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a powerful thing to understand. Knowing it and focusing your efforts is a high-performance seller’s secret, and RevFit AI makes it easy for you.

1. Find Your ICP

Don’t guess your ICP. RevFit AI uses machine learning that leverages your historical data to discover your true ICP, whether it be one or many.

2. Take Action

Use your ICP fit data to prioritize your team’s pipeline, calculate propensity to win, predict close dates, and leverage Chat GPT-fueled AI pipeline insights.

3. Win Smarter

Increase win rates, identify personal or team pipeline risk, refine forecasting, monitor your ICP(s), and have more confidence in hitting the number.

Patri is helping your colleagues win smarter

Improve Forecasting

Get a true view of the overall health of your pipeline by understanding the fit of each potential deal relative to your ICP(s).

Increase Win Rates

Lose less and improve your win rates by focusing only on the best-fit deals. 

Prioritize Time and Efforts

Know exactly where your team should focus their time and receive unique insights generated by Chat GPT for each deal in your pipeline.

Enhance Knowledge of Strengths and Weaknesses

See why you are winning and losing deals. Leverage that knowledge to further inform pursuit decisions and positioning and better understand your ICP.

Manage Your Team’s Pipeline

An easy-to-use interface enables you to qualify opportunities at scale. Simple point-and-click functionality allows you to qualify-out opportunities, progress stages, and edit forecast categories.

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RevFit AI
Discover your true Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and focus your efforts accordingly.

Patri offers unique AI-powered lens that discovers and refines your ideal customer profile (ICP) and evaluates the ICP fit of all deals in your pipeline

No more flying blind – know your true ICP(s) and act accordingly.

Patri displays ICP Fit Data on its RevFit AI platform.
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Prioritize Your Team's Efforts

Once you know your ICP(s), evaluate the ICP fit, deal health, propensity to win, predicted close date, potential problem deals, and more at a glance across the entire pipeline. Armed with this knowledge, ensure that your team is pursuing the deals that are most likely to close when you need them to close.

Win more with data-backed pipeline prioritization.

Enhance Forecast Confidence

Evaluate the health of your pipeline at a glance, or dig into individual deals to see what may make or break your quarter. For the first time ever, you can see what deals are truly in your wheelhouse, and what deals are longshots that you may have been counting on.

You are about to be way more confident in your commit.

RevFit AI

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